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As i have done my specialization in supply chain management, it helped me to understand how the supply chain management and logistics taking place in any business. Supply chain management pdf thesis proposal i help to study. The opportunity to work with an international company and within the area of procurement was well aligned with our wishes and our academic background. Supply chain management several authors have defined supply chain management. This is my master thesis, my conclusive work for the master in supply chain. The most vital aim of supply chain management is customer service. Methodology to fulfil the purpose, a sequential method was designed with three phases. What are the trending research topics under supply chain. Project thesis anna schopperle, 140781141 university of westminster, london westminster business school professor prof. Dissertation topics in logistics and supply chain management 30 ideas mark logistics management, supply chain management no comments the logistics management refers to the activities carried out within the organization while the supply chain comprises a network of companies coordinating and collaborating together to achieve the desired goals.

The thesis is intended to contribute fundamentally to the research effort of the supply chain 2020 project sc2020. In the thesis theoretical framework is used to evaluate the supply chain management. The importance of supply chain management scm and information technology are increased day by day. The feasibility for supply chain for the small retail business and results that help make the case company edge competitors are also part of the discussion. It represents a conscious effort by the supply chain. Doctoral dissertation normansyah syahruddin matriculation. College of excellence gwalior research scholar brigadier j matta retd 2014 research centre. Cecilia temponi with the high levels of global competition and economic challenges, the supply chain capabilities and outsourcing relationships are some of the competencies that. Thatte submitted as partial fulfillment of the requirements for the doctor of philosophy degree in manufacturing management cochair. This thesis focuses on developing a distributed and scalable data model for the sharing of supply chain information during the transport phase of supply chain. The research method is the qualitative method of doing research and gathering information about the cost centers in the supply chain. Supply chain management offers a wide variety of job options for entrylevel managers and beyond.

Novartis a case study by gourav narayan mukherjee bachelor of science in systems analysis. Specifically talking about procurement, topics from following areas could be taken. List of supply chain management dissertation topics. Therefore, management of supply chains in a business environment has a major financial impact on all parties involved in the chain. Pdf masters degree thesis management of the supply. Supply chain management according to the global supply chain forum, supply chain management scm is the integration of key business processes from end user through original suppliers that provide products, services, and information that adds value for customer and other stakeholders chan and qi, 2003. Blockchain technology in supply chain and logistics. A distributed blockchain ledger for supply chain a thesis. Masters degree thesis management of the supply chain case of danfoss district heating business area. The supply chain management directorates falls under the administration branch, that is, finance section. Supply chain management represents a significant shift in the way that organizations function, including changes in the integration and coordination of supply, demand, and relationships in order to satisfy customers in an effective and profitable manner both in. Of all the topics covered by current literature, most researchers believe that a sustainable agricultural supply chain can be achieved if each echelon of the chain adopts sustainable practices in its operations.

Challenges facing supply chain management in the oil. Blockchain technology in supply chain traceability systems. After that, definition of supply chain and its integration are described. Supply chain resource cooperative 2017 describes it briefly. Supply chain management perspectives, practices, and. The supply chain is defined here as a part of a network that supplies a specific product from raw material to final customer it is a whole commercial chain embedded in the network hertz 2001 with a common objective of efficiency and effectiveness.

This thesis investigates some important problems in the supply chain management. Donlon 1996 stated that outsourcing, supplier partnership, information sharing, cycle time, compression and continuous process flow, as a part of supply chain management practices. From the seven studies presented in this thesis we are able to draw a number of more general. Research projects are an integral part of mits scm degree programs both for the students and for the sponsoring companies. Analysis of challenges of medical supply chains in sub. The term supply chain management will be used frequently in this thesis. Simchilevi and kaminsky 2000 define supply chain management as the integration of key business processes among a network of interdependent suppliers, manufacturers, distribution centers, and retailers in order to improve the flow of goods, services, and information. Thus supply chain managers are constantly evaluating and tradingo. Supply chain excellence in the pharmaceutical industry.

The influence of logistics outsourcing on supply chain management. Supply chain management practices as a multidimensional construct that encompasses upstream and downstream sides of supply chain li et al, 2006. Retailing tasks, retail classification, differences in. Supply chain management pdf thesis writing i help to study. Allan woodburn submission date 28 th, august 20 student id 140781141 course msc purchasing and supply chain management module bbit702. The purpose of this thesis is to establish green supply chain management supplier evaluation index system by. Exploring the effects of supply chain structure on supply. Supply chain management is a strong topic for a dissertation. Proposal for research into supply chain management and. This will be done through securing operational excellence in supply chain management through use of. My thesis mainly consists on a business plan and supply chain. The main purpose of the healthcare supply chain is to.

It seeks to develop a better understanding of how supply chain and finance structures impact profits, sales growth and. Many mba students search online for recent and unique dissertation topics on supply chain management to make their dissertation research work notable. Logistics and supply chain management thesis aauetd addis. Supply chain management scm is a widely recognized and steadily growing multidisciplinary field. Since the future competition will be between supply chains, the main pathway for fns should be the integration of. This model is based on the blockchain technology which is implemented using a heterogenous set of nosql database management systems. My thesis mainly consists on a business plan and supply chain management. Extending sustainable practices along the supply chain phd candidate. Novartis a case study by gourav narayan mukherjee bachelor of science in systems analysis university of miami, miami, fl submitted to the zaragoza logistics center in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the degree of master of engineering in logistics and supply chain management. Pdf postgraduate thesis on logistics and supply chain in.

This implies that there is a need for companies to integrate business processes across the supply chain, both internally and externally. If youre looking for a free download links of purchasing and supply chain management pdf, epub, docx and torrent then this site is not for you. Masters degree thesis management of the supply chain. Scm concepts, namely supply chain structure and supply chain integration. It consists of various sub sections such as the demand, acquisition, logistics and disposal sub sections. Supply chain integration has been suggested as a solution for the building supply chain. I, natnael gebreyesus declare that this thesis is a. Texas state universitysan marcos august 2012 supervising professor. The goal of the thesis is to demonstrate the total packaging costs in the supply chain and show what kind of effect damage during the transportation has in the total packaging cost.

Strategies to minimize the impact of supply chain risk on. Supply chain management is the process that integrates all above stated function. Pdf masters degree thesis management of the supply chain. A list of great thesis titles on supply chain management. This research work as part of a master thesis aims to analyse the potential influence of outsourced logistics function on supply chain management from a. A wide variety of studies have developed and contributed to the evolving foundation of supply. Supply chain management for the process industry ucl discovery. Furthermore, the concepts that fuel toyotas production system extend beyond its manufacturing walls to the entire supply. Further, provided a deep dive into the problem of food safety, and the food supply chain and logistics ecosystem drivers. The following is a substantial list of thesis topics on supply chain management to help you get started on writing your final paper.

Supply chain management versus supply chain orientation 17 2. Cristina gimenez thomsen department of operations and innovation management research group on business network dynamics buned esade business school, universitat ramon llull. The thesis demonstrates mainly theoretical part and various references used from different sources. The healthcare supply chain involves the flow of many different product types and the participation of several stakeholders. Theories, opinions and recommendations used in this research work were based on extensive use of primary. In this short paper, i analyze the global supply chain of ecco, a danish footwear company. Download purchasing and supply chain management pdf ebook.

Purpose the purpose is to achieve andor create a foundation for future improvement regarding efficiency and effectiveness in the flow of goods and information and the way of work within the procurement process. The pollution from the car industry is a problem today, so developing green supply chain management is important. Supply chain management as a set of management processes 14 2. A dissertation entitled competitive advantage of a firm through supply chain responsiveness and scm practices by ashish a. Masters degree thesis management of the supply chain case. Master project in international logistics and supply chain management authors. My discussion will generate research questions and a purpose for this thesis which will end this chapter.

The application of digital technologies in supply chain. Dissertation topics in logistics and supply chain management. If you want to narrow it down, check the suggestions presented in our article. During my master, i got intrigued by the topics of sustainability in. Logistics and transport management master thesis no. Perspective from greater pearl river delta submitted by chung sze joyce tsoi for the degree of doctor of philosophy at the university of hong kong in july 2005 this thesis investigates the application and implications of supply chain. Leadingedge companies have realized that the real competition is not company. Lack of transparency and trust in the supply chain lead to lack of information about the provenance and working conditions behind the product. Thesis summary the amplification of demand variation up a supply chain widely termed the bullwhip effect is disruptive, costly and something that supply chain management generally seeks to minimise. Free supply chain management dissertation topics unique. The main function of the supply chain management is to provide supply chain management services. This thesis focuses on supply chain financing, and its potential to make a positive and lasting impact on people and businesses in resourceconstrained environments. A study of supply chain management in food industry a thesis submitted for the degree of doctor of philosophy in management to jiwaji university, gwalior supervisor dr sanjeev gupta professor m. Local content requirements and industrial development.

Although largely dominated by logistics, the contemporary concept of scm encompasses more than just logistics cooper et al. Scm student research project sponsors supply chain. Johnson, 1989 a properly organized logistics contains. This is my master thesis, my conclusive work for the master in supply chain management at the rotterdam school of management, erasmus university. I advise a course of action where the firm can make breakthroughs in the clothing sector, expanding its consumer base. During my master, i got intrigued by the topics of sustainability in supply chain management and green operations. Supply chain management scm is the active management of supply chain activities to maximize customer value and achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. To do so, organisations need to know which measures and metrics to use and how to analyse performance of their supply chains. Proposal for a ms of supply chain and logistics management. Supply chain management for sustainable development. Supply chain management in healthcare should ensure complete endtoend visibility of information among suppliers, manufacturers, distributors and customers. Supply chain management is a way of maximizing efficient use of resources in achieving the supply chain customer service goals.

Cooper 2000 issues in supply chain management, industrial marketing. Master thesis rotterdam school of management, erasmus university. Exploring efficiency and effectiveness in the supply chain. We expect that students will find employment as supply chain analyst, purchasing manager, warehouse operations manager, supply chain software manager, transportation manager, and vice president of scm among others. Postgraduate thesis on logistics and supply chain in turkey. This thesis has aimed to contribute to the conceptual development of supply chain integration for. During my master, i got intrigued by the topics of sustainability in supply chain. Scm student research project sponsors supply chain management.

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