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Tomato firmware install on asus rtn10p router tech. There are plenty of guides 12 already on flashing the asus rtn66u dark knight router with tomatousb or even micro versions of ddwrt. Personally, i use shibby, and there is a new release coming out every 12. Asus rtn66u flashing tomatousb shibby in a balloon. Recently i flashed tomato shibby in an asus rtn66u router. Currently, you should have the asus rtac66u firmware restoration utility installed on your computer and have downloaded the latest tomatousb shibby firmware. However, this website is only active for 1015 seconds, so one needs to be very fast in selecting the appropriate firmware file and press upload. With the rtn66ur 600 mhz i got to about 15 mbits, with the rt68u to about 2530 mbits dl stock speed, the r7000 about 3035 with stock speed. Download and install the asus rtn66u firmware restoration utility from asus support site. Latest advancedtomato firmware releases and downloads for asus rtn66u.

Tomato firmware installation shibby mod on asus rtn66u. How to install tomato firmware on asus rtn53 router. Just curious who has the best tomato software out there for the rtn66u router i know there is shibby and another one, but it has been some time best tomato software for asus rtn66u forums. It is however popular due to its relentless compatibility with all tomato firmware versions. My old e3000 48o mhz, old cpu w tomato could only get 89 mbits download speed in the house when encryption vpn was running. Following another users guide for installing tomato on the asus rtn66u and this youtube video, i was able to get the shibby tomato firmware running in about an hour. There are different tomato distribution out there but most of them are outdated. Shibby tomato firmware on asus rtn66u router via os x. One thing that troubled me was the loss of the wan port. Shibby is a very polish guy who dedicate his spare time writing good tomato distribution for various router. Any of them will work great, take the one with features that best suit your. For example, see my tutorial on how to update router firmware on the asus rtn66u. Download the latest version of shibbys rtn66u firmware.

This router is moreorless unbrickable with the flash recovery utility. Download advancedtomato router firmware for your tomato supported router. Inside that directory you want the to pick the asus rtn66u 64k. Best tomato routers why we choose only 7 modelsbrands. I made one small change at the very after all other modifications, and thought you might like to know about it. Win 2003 win xp win vista win 7 win 8 2 download shibby tomato image file. Install tomato by shibby on the asus rtn66u blogger. K26rtn mipsr2 special builds for e4200, rtn10u, rtn12b1c1d1, rtn15u, rtn53, rtn66u, wnr3500lv2. With ethernet ports state in version 108, it is easier to know exactly which lan ports in tomatousb really map to physical lan ports. Just enter rtn66u in the search box and you should be able to find it. Found 32393 records in database limit to 100 records.

This means that the asus firmware recovery tool is not required. Shibby tomato firmware on asus rtn66u router via os x plus tcpdump mrjones january 5, 2015 2 ive been trying to get close to what i call end to end open source you know, as opposed to encryption which means that everything from my desktop os to my router to my firewall should be running nonproprietary software. Routers rtn66u tomato by shibby unexpected speeds im using this as a wired setup. How to flash rtn66u with shibbys tomatousb firmware github. Before you proceed, pull out the power cable to your rtn66u or rtac68u and have a pen ready to press the reset button between the usb ports and wan port flash the tomatousb firmware onto the rtn66u or rtac68u. Like with the old router, the challenge is getting there.

Forum discussions general how to install tomato on asus rtn66u. You can look at a spreadsheet of the different tomato builds and the features they support on the tomato by shibby site but dont be intimidated if it doesnt make sense to you. Trivial file transfer protocol means it uses a special protocol to, you guessed it. Before starting, it is advisable to update the routers factory firmware but if the manufacturer doesnt offer firmware updates for your router, you can simply move on to flashing with tomato. I installed the aio allinone version which has all the features. Since im using a tomato mod built by shibby, i download the. Tomatousb is an alternative open source firmware for broadcombased routers like the asus rtn66u black knight. How to install tomato on asus rtac66u router behind the. Great writeup on configuring a second router as an access point using tomato by shibby. Although the tomato can be overclocked up to 663 mhz, and because it already was at maximum speed, theres nothing to be improved there. Before you proceed, pull out the power cable to your rt n66u or rt ac68u and have a pen ready to press the reset button between the usb ports and wan port flash the tomatousb firmware onto the rt n66u or rt ac68u. How to flash a router with tomato firmware shibby mod. The most popular tomato compatible router, the asus rtn66u is an older design from the manufacturer. When i do a speed test, download speed is 40mbs slower than if i.

Using powerful signal tuning and detailed setup, it offers stable and fast networking. How to flash tomato on the asus rtn66u vegard vines. But all depends on your vpn provider and time of day of course. How to install tomato shibby in an asus rtn66u router. How to flash rtn66u with shibbys tomatousb firmware.

K26rtac is the version that works with rtn66u and rtn66w and rtn66ac as well. Greetings, i am having some trouble maintaining proper torrent speeds when using my rtn66u with tomato shibby 1. For this reason, technically, it is called client software because it is installed on the client computer and. How to flash advancedtomato firmware on an asus rtac68u. Preparing for firmware restoration to tomatousb shibby. When my venerable linksys wrt54gl wifi wirelessg broadband router finally died, after many years of faithful service, i began searching for a new router. Moving from old shibby build to freshtomato on rtn66u dark knight i have a asus rtn66u that has been on the last shibby build for a while now. Here is a tutorial on how we installed tomato from shibby on our router. To save you a pain and time here is what worked for me. Exactly what i was looking for as your sample network architecture is very similar to mine. However, there are only very few main mods, which my guess probably 90% of the people use. Post your typical speeds, like usb speeds, signal strength, port forwarding etc.

The wikipedia page on tomato lists all the versions there are, which makes it look like there are many, very different ones. Moving from old shibby build to freshtomato on rtn66u. Asus rtn66u rafvictek tomato, an asus rtn66u toastman tomato and an asus rtac66u shibby tomato. Shibbys builds come in pl and en favors for polish and english. The asus rtn66u dark knight is a slim and stylish 450mbps 5ghz2. Rtn66u wol setup using tomato shibby i am attempting to setup one of my pcs to accept wol packets and i understand that in order to be able to issue the command from outside my lan i need to setup my rtn66u, running tomato shibby, so that 192. Since shibby is pretty much dead it looks like freshtomato is the next best option. Some manufacturers do not provide factory firmware updates for older models. If you break down the long name of this little gadget, it makes a lot more sense. Id like to see which builds firmwares i should try on my rtn66u. It is a modification of the famous tomato firmware but with builtin support for usb port, wirelessn support. Shibby 114 on rtn66u k26rtac or k26rtn branch for bcm. Latest advancedtomato firmware releases and downloads for asus rt n66u. First we need to download the firmware file from the tomato download site.

Whenever possible, its always best to update the router with factory firmware, first. In this guide we will focus on tomato, using shibbys 64kb version on an asus rtn66u router. Howto flash tomatousb by shibby on asus rtn12 b1c1. A quick web search suggested that folks have had a good experience with the tomato by shibby firmware so i downloaded and installed it by following these steps. If you are not sure which to download, download the one with aio in the filename. Tomato firmware battle as well, tomato seems to emerge as the winner. Flash tomato firmware on the rtn66u explained in under 6. The following article is a detailed howto on flashing an asus rtac68u router with the advancedtomato web interface using the tomato by shibby firmware. The 64k in the name means that 64k of flash memory will be used as nvram. Download the latest tomato shibby firmware for the asus rtn66u, file tomatok26usb1. This guide will show you how to use custom firmware tomato by shibby on asus rtn66u as a wireless access point wap to setup multiple wifi vlans this is an alternate method of setting up wifi subnets of a 3 steps guide to protect home network using subnets.

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