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Build a team of friends and take on the toughest dungeons to earn huge rewards. Mu online is a freetoplay medieval fantasy mmorpg from webzen. Dark lord mu legend guides collection of good youtube. Dark lord mu legend character classes mu legend game. Beginning with mu online season iii, the dark lords can evolve to lord emperors after completing the threepart quest. Mu online private server season 15 dragonmu guides. I would also like to ask for help or the opinion of others on whats the best build stats for my dl which is lvl 400 and ml 302 season ex700 in a low stat server such as mu philippines. A characters stats, displayed in the character menu, are the base variable which ultimately calculate each of the characters abilities.

The information of dimension master beween 6 rank 9 rank will be released later. I dont like archers so i didnt even try that class. Mu online dark lord full agility new 4th tree full dmg. Version, experience, drop rate, max normal lvl, max master lvl. If you are looking for answers then post your question here. Following the footsteps of the successful titles mu online and mu origin, mu legend offers an authentic alternative to the dungeon crawler gaming experience. Mu online season 15 new character slayer at global mu online project, 2 worlds for each taste x500 and x99999. The variety encourages you to try different styles.

Rivaling the blade knight, rage figther, and the grow lancer in damage. The dark lords the newest character to enter mu, the dark lord has five stat parameters instead of the usual four strength, agility, vitality, and energy. Rage fighter vitality rfpvm pvp build muonline webzen season 10 part 3. Master skill tree ex700 s9 master skill tree s9 s12 master skill tree s12 ep2. Enhances critical damage of the dark lord and his partymates. Feel free to share and add yours to help other people, or to simply show off your awesome creativity. Adds a 5% chance of auto casting level 4 safety wall on the user when receiving physical damage. Gens members come here to shed blood as well, earning themselves contribution points for fame and glory. Mu online private servers, free servers, guides, guilds mu online top 100 page result. If you dont have the game, you can download it here for android or ios. The knights the dark knight is one of the most favorite characters in mu philippines. Mu genesis the first ever private server for mu legend.

Dark lord is not a tank nor a dps, he is a support, so what do you bring to a party. You can add your build to the table below as well as make your own wiki page for it. Dark lord topitemspvmbuild muonline webzen season 11. There is a duel arena here where warriors can have friendly battles against each other. Another wielder of great power like the magic gladiators of mu, he can wield equipment and enter zones at 23rd less the requirement of other classes. Featuring fluid and impactful combat, content that caters to both solo and party play, and a world thats deep and intriguing that will satisfy new players and fans alike. This is an area effect spell whose power is increased by the power of the dark lord s party. Mu online walkthroughs on supercheats stat build guide. Mu legend is the followup to webzens mu online and features massively multiplayer action rpg gameplay with isometric dungeon crawling combat. Pvp builds that have been created by dark souls 3 players, designed for player vs. It seem that in high lv map hybrid dl with or 1500 agi will deal the. I loved the dark lord from the first game in fact he was my first character i ever got it 400 with. Master skill tree ex700 s9 master skill tree s9 s12. He is versatile enough to respond to various situations, making him complex and therefore the hardest class to master in mu legend.

Epic mu x100 version its a season15 server with all last updates only 10 resets and 10 gr to build yourself we have exclusive quest system that helps you farm wcoins, reworked moss gambler with invasions and events dropping moss coin win freebies with facebook event open 20 march. An incredible number of pets are available to tame and level up along with your character. Jun 22, 2014 the dark lord is definitely my favorite and most interesting build i have ever played. Fixed inability to use dark horse and ghost horse together. Mu online, produced by webzen inc is a full 3d mmorpg which is one of the leading online games developed in korea. Players can choose from the nine classes of dark knight, dark wizard, fairy elf, magic gladiator, dark lord, summoner, rage fighter, grow lancer and rune wizard, and participate in a variety of official. Energy agility wizard for boss hunt and pvp build strength. Mu origin 2 tips and tricks and tricks for fast leveling and grinding. Mu online dark lord build e master skills test stun youtube.

Help i am currently a level 65 whisperer and i need help winning more pvp battles against dark mages and other classes. Mu online season 15 new character slayer at global mu online project, 2 worlds for. Mu origin 2 invites warriors to fight and witness the next miracle. Adding some reference links to dark lord informations. Dark lord topitemspvm build muonline webzen season 11 part 2. Nivelation was made for midhigh chars, it means low chars in a beginningserver may not be nivelation was made for boss target, it means some chars may have more damage in spot nivelation was made for damagesecond, it means some chars may have more single damage ex. Divider the combination from summoner and dark lord. Whisperer mu legend character classes mu legend game. Global mu online season home mu online globalmu season 15. Build dark lord pvm en mulegend s14 part 1 youtube.

Update client to with launcher to get the patch automatically or download. Guia mu online season 15 episodio 3 unofficial fansite by robertms limaperu. The vacuum skill is neat and extra aggro might be needed. Creating your own pvp build is primarily about stats, equipment and spells. Vulcanus pvp combat the vulcanus map is the ultimate pvp battlegrounds of mu. In accordance with the transfer of mu legend to valofe, users must complete the service transfer application to continue playing mu legend. Take advantage of various control effects to reduce enemies strength and increase your survival chances. Even though their narratives often differ, the way in which they are played is similar in most instances.

Although his defense is low, his attack powers are enough to make him a good damage dealer. Dark lord tendencias pvmhunt build muonline webzen season 12. Great gameplay from start till maximum stats, exciting and challenging pve and balanced pvp. Registration allows you to keep track of all your content and comments, save bookmarks, and post in all our forums. If you want help making your own build, you can consult this useful page on how to make a build by blaine these are the 2 builds i used with great success in both pvp and pve. Dragon event, castle siege, pvp championships series. A dark lord can evolve into lord emperor by taking the third class quest at priest devin. Official 3rdparty mu online fan site and game guide. Fixed lighting shock enhanced does not work on pvp. Can anyone give me a build for dm of darklord pvp forums. Mu origin 2 mobile game webzen authorized officially. The fifth stat is command, which dictates how many members a dl may hold in a guild at any given time, and also how well he controls his pets the dark horse and the dark raven. Nov 20, 2017 mu legend defensetank dark lord guide.

Mu online top 100 private servers, free servers, guides, guilds. But the extra block chance and health on block also sounds pretty good for sustain plus a oh shit button. Added master can be learned by investing master skill. Then, follow the transfer page steps and requirements, which will lead you to the webzen character verification page. Download clash for dawn3d pvp mmorpg and enjoy it on your iphone, ipad. Most mmorpgs for mobile devices have several aspects in common. This card is part of the 2cards max deadly combo restriction. Rappelz is a classic dark fantasy mmo, combining a striking fantasy art style with deep character customization, tactical pet training and pvp pve gameplay. The spellbinder, the second female character of mu legend, is a support mage that uses her powerful psychic power to attack enemies, give buffs and debuffs, and perform aoe crowd control. The center of this build is about creating an arrogant, manipulative, powerlusting mage who specializes in destructive and dark magic to terrorize the land of skyrim. Enter valofes mu legend homepage and proceed to the service transfer page. Mu origin 2 is mobile mmorpg game made by webzen after mu origin big success.

They also have various skills that allow dark lords to strengthen and heal their allies or weaken enemies. Grow lancer new topset pvm pvp build muonline webzen season 11 part 2. The dark lord is the sturdiest warrior in mu legend. Experience the followup to mu online and explore the history of the world in the brand new mu legend. Class guide, dark lord november 20, 2017 december 3. Rage fighter agility final build arf pvm muonline webzen. Similar to the energy wizard build, this mg has a lot of mana waiting to be expended and once you start, its hard to stop this mg from killing monster. The second build is called pet type dl where he use his two unique pets to attack the enemy also this build can wear all dl gear and can cast all dl spells. Fixed ghost horse not working attack speed increase option. A big part of the dark lords job is to gather up the mobs in tight groups so the rest of the group can maximize damage. May 06, 2019 new mu online season 14 wings for new 4th class characters angel wings soul wizard devil wings dragon knight genius wings noble elf destruction wings magic knight control wings empire lord eternal wings dimension summoner judgment cloak fist blazer eternity cloak shining lancer. The dark lord enters combat brandishing his phenomenal charisma in the battlefield. On the webzen character verification page you will be able to verify your webzen account and mu legend characters.

Simple no item sales acheron guardian arena survival battle soccer bonus event blood castle bonus exp. There are 3 known build you should use in creating dark lord in my experience. Mu wizard hunter stat dark wizard is a spell casting character in mu when mu first released the dark wizard was the one best pick for pvp. Darklord pvp build str darklord is one of the most powerfull damager in the mu continent. But, like the energy elf, the low attack power can be a real downright pain in the butt. If you played mu philippines before many build has been created due to blade knight or dark knight is the most flexible character in g. Centuries of peace have been torn apart by the dark lords desire to rule. Mu online season 12 or 1500 agi for hybrid dark lord. Although the dark lord is a melee warrior with relatively low mobility, he proves his worth with his aggroboost skill thats useful when dealing with dungeon bosses, enhancing party members stats when it counts. Dark lord s journey begins in lorencia, as its predecessors, dark knight and magic gladiator. The other thing is the class in general is a tank and dps support, it is not ever going to be pulling the very top dps. Just for a brief second, lord of ferea escape my stun cage and then use skill to summon his servant, but it seem that there is a bug when i can. Nov 09, 2017 mu legend is next highly anticipated instalment of the mu series, that features spectaclefilled, isometric hack n slash massively multilayer dungeon crawling gameplay across its dark fantasy world. Please disable ad blocker, or whitelist our website, to remove this message.

Players can choose from the eight classes of dark knight, dark wizard, fairy elf, magic gladiator, dark lord, summoner, rage fighter and grow lancer, and participate in a variety of official. Summon summons partymates of the dark lord to any location except event maps. Rage fighter agility final build arf pvm muonline webzen season 11 part 1. When initially created, each character class is born with unique base stats, which can never be decreased below their base amount. Dark lord tendencias pvmhuntbuild muonline webzen season. Electric spark unleashes a powerful surge of electricity that takes down any enemies in its path. Like blade knights, dark lord does not have a second class quest. Strength dl, which focuses on power, and command dl, which focuses on using pets, leading parties and usually leading a guild. Its known that raven doesnt attack on pvp, so if your plan is to pvp, forget this build.

Hello, im jake and aside from playing this mu online, i also play in mu philippines. The war mage uses strong magic powers to destroy enemies on the battlefield. Mu legend defensetank dark lord guide mu legend guides. He has the power to summon the spirits of his raven and steed to help him defeat his opponents. They can use all the armors and weapons for dark lords. Mu is a highly involved fantasy rpg based on the legendary continent of mu. Register for the highly anticipated dark fantasy action mmorpg and official prequel to mu online. Mu online dark lord full agility new 4th tree full dmg season 15. Dark lord is a class that works best as a party leader they are great as tanks by focusing enemies attention on them and allow their teammates to kill these monsters. Dragon mu online private server season 15 episode 1 experience x500 x x999 servers guides. This website is funded by displaying advertisements to our visitors. Mu online dark lord build e master skills test stun.

So just like you i was stuck between dark lord or blader. I am currently a level 65 whisperer and i need help winning more pvp. Each grade of master skill can be invested with 1 skill point and it is possible to invest up to 20 grades. Dark lord pvp build muonline webzen season 11 part 1.

Extraordinarily, she wears horns instead of a helm and stands out from the crowd in her beautiful outfits. Mu online private server global mu online mu season 15. The game features fastpaced combat, quests, dungeons, pvp, castle sieges, and more. The dark lords the newest character to enter mu, the dark lord has five stat parameters instead of the usual four strength, agilit. Le dark lord full pvp sockets armas set opciones como. I hit 300k critical and you get 100k, but with 1min test, both dps.

Dragon mu online private server season 15 episode 1 experience x500 x x999 servers. Mu origin 2class guide for both casual and hardcore players. A game with its own unique signature, mu legend blends the dark fantasy world of an mmo with the richness of hack n slash gaming. Amon ra card is also part of the combo for this card. Teamups with dark lord and the blader are especially effective these characters are melee fighters and can lure away the enemy attention, enabling the whisperer to focus on damage dealing. Dimension master pvp robertms 16 high elf agilidad pvp robertms 17 high elf energia.

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