Xbee s6b x-ctu for mac download

The digi xctu software is a handy windows application to configure the large amount of settings on the xbee. Xctu is a free multiplatform application designed to enable developers to interact with digi rf modules through a simpletouse graphical interface. Note that these xbee s6b modules supports only wpa and wpa2 protocol in psk mode. Its equipped with a minib usb connector, so youll need the proper usb cable to connect it to your computer. As in the last xbee article, we are going to configure the module using xbee usb adapter. Overtheair firmware upgrades the xbee wifi rf modules provide two methods of updating the firmware on the module. Once the modules are configured, they can be used in an embedded application. Thats what translates data between your computer and the xbee. How to use pc to control and monitor electronics arduino project through xbee. After some thumbtwiddling your xbee and its mac address should appear in the list below. Recovering your xbee tutorials of cytron technologies. As it is effectively a hack you need to do a little more legwork.

Download, install and run xctu in windows could be inside a virtual box. I dont have any reset button on the explorer board im using to connect the xbee to the pc. The xbee module will advertise an ssid of xbee where. Contains features from previous versions, plus adds support for xbee. Xbee programming on linux taulabstaulabs wiki github. Unique features like graphical network view, which graphically. When the current inventory is sold out, this product will be replaced by the xbp24cz7wit004 read about the xbee product line changes here. The xctu interface the xctu program has 4 main tabs that allow you browse current configurations, send raw text commands or data to the xbee, perform a range test with another xbee or to setup how your local pc should communicate with the xbee module. The software is written in java and is crossplatform, so it can be used on windows, osx and linux. When properly installed it can be launched by clicking on the icon on the pc desktop see figure 1 or from the start menu see figure 2. The xctu has such functionality, as you can see in the picture below. Then type your xbee s address into the text box nearby.

Then type your xbees address into the text box nearby. I open xctu add the com5 port and click the test query button but the following window appears. Download and install latest xctu from the downloads section. It includes new tools that make it easy to setup, configure and test xbee rf modules.

Xctu seems to get confused because of the stream of data arriving from the other xbees and isnt able to talk to the module for some reason. To download, try this link or search for xctu download. I use the xbee zb non pro modules for a variety of uses. Xbeepro zb s2b extended range module, wire antenna. As i only have single boot mac machine this is my usual process. Libelium supplies the xbee transceivers with the desired firmware version 802. Xctu includes all of the tools a developer needs to quickly get up and running with xbee. The xctu software provided for free by digi international is still required to configure the xbee modules as coordinators, routers, or end devices, and to switch between at and api mode. If the testquery fails, try unchecking or checking enable api under host setup. The highlight of this board is an ft231x usbtoserial converter. Ctu software and usb drivers will need to be on each computer used in conjunction with this guide. Expert support upgrade to handson support from our team learn more. Xbee is not the same as zigbeeinstead, xbee is a brand of radio communication modules made by digi that can support a number of protocols, including zigbee, 802. It may be necessary to configure your system prior to installing xctu for the first time.

Same for receiving its the same process as any other xbee. Download the latest firmware files from the digi support site. Rob faludi posted on september 22, 20 posted in networking, xbee. One of the possible reason for this issue might be configuration mismatch between how your access point and your xbee is setup. The problem that i have i that i want to get the xbee mac address, and ive already got it but it works like a loop, i just want to get once the mac address but it seems to be obtaining it in a loop, by the way my function is at the setup code. Im not sure why but heres how to update the files manually. The easiest way to configure your xbee radio is to use xctu. For examples of how to configure xbee modules using xctu software, click here.

In case the direct link does not work, search on the website of digi for the software in the search field with the keyword xctu. Until recently this only ran on ms windows, however a new version has recently been released that supports both os x and ms windows. Plug the first xbee unit into the xbeeexplorer and attach it to the computer. This is a firmware confguration utility available from digi. Power on your board, and after a few seconds, release reset. Download the firmware versions for your xbee modules from this link. Put reset to ground, or activate reset switch in your test board. Usb drivers are required to use xctu with the xbibu usb interface board and the pkgu modems and adapters. Xbee zb zigbee modules provide costeffective wireless connectivity to devices in zigbee mesh networks. Run through the install as you would with any windows application. Digi proposes the windowsbased xctu tool for xbee configuration which works quite fine. Java project tutorial make login and register form step by step using netbeans and mysql database duration.

The xbee explorer usb is the most popular of the explorers. Get started with xbee a beginners tutorial atomic spin. So im trying first to establish a simple communication txrx between two arduino with xbee series 2, using the xbeearduino library in arduino 1. If you need to upgrade the xbees firmware, xctu is the tool. The current release of xctu is available on digis website, unfortunately its only available for windows. If the xctu able to initiate the xbee module, you should see the progress bar of recovering radio module window. Xbee s2c zigbees can be interfaced with an arduino similarly to any other xbee, just feed it the uart serial data you want transmitted.

Changing or upgrading the xbee firmware is a delicate process that may harm permanently the xbee module. Show you the basic simple example of using xbee and arduino. The only way we can configure the network settings of our modules is to download the program xctu by digi digi are the xbee manufacturers. You might again get the message of action require window, just reset the skxbee and try again if fail. They are configured through xctu, based on the one tutorial found on. Product support rss feed for digi xbee wifi s6b search our knowledge base for articles related to this product learn more about the digi xbee wifi family. This electronic weather station system involves two weather stations that communicate with each other via xbee rf modules and upload and download information from a website via an rn171xv wifi module. Xctu is free software from digi that allows you to configure the xbees.

This system is less verbose than the xctu system above but it is more than functional. Download the xctu windows program to upload newer firmware and appropriate firmware to the xbee modules this relates to setting up one xbee module as the coordinator and one as the router see book above put some serialsavvy code on an avr chip or arduino and connect its uart pins to one xbee modules din and dout pins. Using xctu to download firmware and profiles to xbee rf. Go to modem configuration and click in download new versions it make take a while. Once xctu read the xbee it will set the modem type and function set boxes and show a list of parameters. However, it is easy and a very informative process. Note that in europe the output power of the xbee pro must be restricted to 10dbm. The design files include the fritzing cad files, the etchable pdf pcb layout files, the gerber files, parts listings, software listings embedded software listings and website scripts, and.

A screenshot of xctu software with the important buttons shown. This section contains download and install instructions based on operating system. Download and install xctu software for proper kit configuration and operation x. Xbee module configuration install xctu pyroelectro. When properly installed it can be launched by clicking on the icon on the pc desktop see figure 1 or selecting from the start menu see figure 2. How to network xbee and the arduino tutorial australia. Download xctu and install it on your laptop or desktop machine. I am new to xbee and wireless, i download this new generation xctu, but find it difficult every book and tutorial is based on the older version software. I copied the update folder files from the machine that i did get the web update to work on and replaced the folder 500 files on the machine that couldnt receive the updates. Reading data over serial arduino and xbee stack overflow. Simple communication between two arduino with xbee s2. A 3 pc settings tab some displays of a successful testquery may show xb24b to reflect znet firmware instead of xb24zb to reflect the zb firmware that is actually on the xbee zb rf module. Xctu will start communicates with xbee module base on your selection and reload the firmware to the xbee.

Firmware can be updated locally via xctu a free testing and configuration utility provided by digi using the radios serial port interface. Xctu can either be downloaded from digis web site or an installation cd. Plug your first xbee into an explorer module, and connect to your computers. If you skip this step, your modem probably wont be properly detected by xctu. The desire that guides me in all i do is the desire to. I was able to send characters from the arduino and see them in the serial monitor of the xctu. If you click the test button, the xctu software will use the com1 serial port to communicate with the xbee module by reading what verison it is and reporting that back to you. The configuration step is more to the tune of sending raw command instead of using gui as in the case of xbee. Download the xbee xbeepro zb zigbee oem module docs. Utilizing the zigbee pro feature set, these modules are interoperable with other zigbee devices, including devices from other vendors.

You may need to add a couple leading 0s to make it 6bytes long. Hello everybody, i plan to make multiple arduino communicate with each other in a mesh network using xbees. In order to configure the xbee, i first upload a blank sketch in the arduino ide and then open up xctu and add radio to connect to the xbee. One other advantage of xctu is that you can have a quick summary of all the xbees parameters. The xbee and xbee pro are plugin replacements for each other.

I should also note that i am communicating between the xbee s2c and xctu pc application using a seeeduino xbee shield v2. The difference between them is that the xbee pro operates at higher power and has a more sensitive receiver. Then i connected the xbee to an arduino tx to pin 3, rx to 2, vcc and gnd respectively and the other xbee to the pc through an ftdi cable. Download and launch tom igoes xbeeterminal for processing. The xctu software doesnt seem to be able to update its firmware files from the web.

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